ZERO the universal levelling clip
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ZERO is a revolutionary tile levelling clip designed to be compatible with virtually all third party tile levelling wedges on the market today. You can reuse and recycle all those wedges you already have, without being compelled to buy them anew.

ZERO clips manage tiles up to 14 mm thick – a bit more than what so many other systems allow for. The difference is important as nowadays porcelain tiles for interiors do reach up to 13.5 and even 14 mm thickness.

Furthermore, ZERO clips feature built-in joint spacers. A wide range of 6 different joint calibres are available: 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 3 or 4 mm.

0.5 mm joint

1 mm joint

1.5 mm joint

2 mm joint

3 mm joint

4 mm joint

For even thicker tiles we have ZERO23 and ZERO32 clips.

ZERO23 is the clip managing tiles and slabs for interiors installations with 13mm to 23mm thickness, featuring built-in joint spacers of 0.5mm and 1.5mm calibres.

ZERO32 is instead the ideal clip to level those very thick slabs (22mm to 32mm) to be installed on the outside. Its built-in joint spacer offers a 5mm calibre.

ZERO23 0.5mm

ZERO23 1.5mm

ZERO32 5mm

The ZERO Plier is also 100% compatible with most third party wedges, and their clips.

Manufactured strictly and entirely in metal, it features dual aperture settings, and a screw-based calibration memory system.

The key about ZERO – the Universal Levelling Clip – is its compatibility with the wedges you already own.

In case more wedges are needed, however, we recommend ourĀ ZERO Universal Wedges. They are of course 100% compatibile with ZERO clips, and with vitrually all third party wedge-system clips.

Our SPF Wedge – part of our patented SPF levelling system range – is also 100% compatibile with ZERO – the Universal Levelling Clip.

Some contractors indeed prefer the SPF Wedge as its open structure allows for valuable visibility on the application point at all times during installation.

Furthermore, SPF Wedge’s taller backside is invaluable during thick and super-thick tiles installations as it determines a reduction on the minimum allowed thickness manageable by ZERO23 (9mm, down from 13mm when using ZERO Wedges) and ZERO32 clips (18mm, down from 22mm when using ZERO Wedges)


Straight bond sample

Running bond sample

Check how many bitsĀ are needed per square meter, depending on tile sizes.

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