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Small business OEM program

We collect your needs

We integrate them into a design

…and make your machine.


Zero Minimum Quantity

  • 100% return on your marketing efforts
  • Every sale adds up to your users fidelization

Technical competence

  • Higher specialised products = higher customer satisfaction

Total cost predictability

  • Better niche markets penetration
  • Pricing policy liberty
  • Sales organization liberty


Support and consulting

We build cutting machines and tools for bricks, stones and tiles since the 60’s. By sharing your users’ cutting needs we’ll help you develop your own optimised product line, and increase your revenues.

Contract manufacturing

We can build your machines and tools based on your own original design, taking care of the entire production process.

Alternatively, we can develop customised variations based on our own models. Be it just a different colouring scheme, or a special feature setup, in addition to your brand and communication, you’ll get a 100% customised-look product line with virtually no effort.

Contract engineering

If you’re on a special market, or if your market is not covered by our existing products, we can develop 100% new cutting systems starting from your requirements and specifications. From analisys through engineering, industrialization, certification, production all the way to delivery – all steps can be taken care of by us.


We fully support your sales organization providing training on features and benefits, and market positioning facing direct competition in your zone.

We equally support your technical people by transfering them all required knowledge and experience to get the best out of your new machines and tools, or service them when needed.


Both if we develop and entirely original model, and if we deliver a custom variation of an existing Ghelfi system, in all cases we provide all the necessary support to guarantee your product as totally safe and 100% compliant to regulations.

All customised machines are supplied, if required, with private-label literature.

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