About us | Ghelfi - Produzione macchine ed attrezzature per edilizia
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About us

Technical innovation for perfect laying

The direct professional tile laying experience is at the basis of Ghelfi’s technical research since its inception.

In 1969 Mr. Franco Ghelfi, a tiling contractor, took his first step on improving tile laying technologies. Back then it was impossible for him to find equipment making his daily work easier – so he decided to invent some. He was the first to patent a “plate-ased tile vibrator”, aimed at helping when tiling on fresh concrete foundations as it so commonly happened back in the 1970’s. Then a dry tile cutter followed. And more.

Such innovative machines granted him higher work quality, and remarkably better results. Fellow contractors quickly realized the value of his inventions, and started asking him make some for them too. Following ever increasing demand these tools were presented at the first Bologna tiles fair, bearing the Ghelfi brand.

One generation later the Ghelfi family – now fully dedidated to the industrial activity – is still working closely with tiling professionals and customers, relentlessly collecting their experiences and advice, to steadily evolve and expand the offering, and keep on delivering technical innovation to the tiling market.

Ghelfi products and patents – machines, tools and accessories – cover all tile laying needs.