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About us

Technical innovations for perfect laying

The direct laying experience is the basis of the Ghelfi’s technical research since 30 years. In 1969, Mr.Franco Ghelfi, a professional tile layer, makes the first step in the laying technique. By that time, it was impossible to find an equipment that could help him making his daily work easier, so he decided to invent it. His first registered patent was a tiles beater machine, wich could help him laying the tiles on the typical 1970’s cement foundations, and the dry tile cutter.

These new machines allowed him to obtaining a better work quality with remarkable results. Naturally, all the people around him started to realize those big changes. The industrial production of these machines started after the increasing supply demand and, at the first Bologna fair, they were for the first time presented to the market with the Ghelfi brand mark. Since then, the experience of Mr.Ghelfi , together with the collaboration of his colleagues and customers, is the key to a continuous and important technical innovation contribute to this market.

Ghelfi’s patents – machines, tools and accessories – represent the most complete range of products to serve the tile layers.

Ghelfi’s products are made to satisfy customers needs, always paying attention to their advises in order to keep on improving the quality and professionalism of their work.