Production | Ghelfi - Produzione macchine ed attrezzature per edilizia
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We build your tools

For almost 50 years we’ve been making machines, tools and accessories for the professional masonry industry.

As we’ve been founded by a master artisan tiler, we historically focused on designing and manufacturing ceramic tile laying tools and solutions. That’s the legacy of our electrical wet saws, top-performance electrical mixers, and electrical brush systems, of our wide range of plastic and metal tools for laying, grouting and job finishing, together with our high-quality tile spacers and tile levelling systems – three different ones! – the patented “POSA FACILE” System“ZERO”, the Universal Levelling Clip. and the screw-based, patented  “CLICK – the Quick and Reliable Levelling Cap”.

Over time our offering widened to neighboring applicative fields, and that’s where electrical wet saws for natural stone slab or brick cutting, hot wire cutters for EPS/XPS insulation panels, and a range of hand tools and accessories for masonry applications came from.

The vast majority of finished products in our catalog is the result of direct design and production, absolutely made-in-Italy, actually even exclusively at our Bologna plants. All of such internally created products are proactively marked with the “Produzione Ghelfi” logo on our catalog, and on this site.

We are also efficient in developing diversified versions of many of our items – from the largest electric machines, on to plastic tools, down to the smallest consumer accessories – following the particular requirements of some industrial clients.  Thanks to our specially engineered design and production lines, our ondemand customised manufacturing process is free from most punishing “minimum quantity” requirements, and features very quick turnover times. For years now, our “myFACTORY” OEM collaboration program has been joined by an increasing number of international and national partners.